Dead or Alive!
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Leslie cabinet
  • High-power 15" woofer
  • High-power horn driver
  • HD casters & road handles
  • Complete setups to power single or multiple Leslies from external power amp
  • Motor switching (fast, slow, stop) setups without using stock Leslie amp
Call for price quote.
All work done on customer's Leslie cabinet.
"Beef-Up" amp available for $350 (details at left).
Complete Hammond &
Leslie service

B3, C3s put in road cases — your instrument or ours

Scanners cleaned & rebuilt $129.95

(Subject to parts availability and cost)

145, 147 stock Leslie amps repaired or modified

Leslie 145/147 "Beef-Up" Amp — $350

Parts included. All work done on customer's Leslie amp — no speakers or other accessories included in this price.

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