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Facts, myths, links and more
about Hammond organs
and Leslie speakers
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Rumors, myths, facts and more • Researched and compiled by Harvey Olsen
“Laurens Hammond and Don Leslie”
The story of the Leslie speaker  • By Charles Richard Lester
An interactive Java applet that draws the resultant wave that occurs from a 9 drawbar system Hammond
By Clifford A. Henricksen Community Light & Sound • First published in Recording Engineer/Producer magazine, April 1981
A tongue-in-cheek look at Hammond ownership by Eric Tucker
Great link to a web page that contains an interactive simulation of Hammond organ drawbars and their relative frequency, wave simulation and amplitude.
The truth about the development of the Leslie Speaker systems and the early development of the tone-wheel Hammond organs.
Unearthing the mysteries of the Leslie cabinet, by Clifford A. Henricksen, Community Light & Sound. First published in Recording Engineer/Producer magazine, April 1981.
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